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It’s hard to miss the Lindstrand Aerostat in the upcoming film by Amazon, featuring Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne.

In 1862, daredevil balloon pilot Amelia Wren teams up with pioneering meteorologist James Glaisher to advance human knowledge of the weather.
While breaking records and advancing scientific discovery, their voyage to the very edge of existence helps the unlikely pair find their place in the world they have left far below them.

The movie is brought to life using a full scale Aerostat produced by Lindstrand Technologies, specially designed for the look of the 19th century.
You can catch the film on general release in theatres on December 6th, or on Amazon Prime Video on December 20th.

Team Lindstrand took the road this Summer on a ballooning tour not only attending Metz 2019 but also adventuring down the sunny valleys of Sagrantino, Umbria.
Once again attending the event in Italy with our repair station and balloon team, which including the EMOJI Balloon.

Spectacular 10 days of flying with teams from all over the world!

We had the pleasure of Night Glowing outside Todi cathedral on the last evening of the event, which ended the trip on the high!

Check Sagrantino Cup’s website here

Images by: Marisa D’Alessandro.

This August Bank Holiday weekend saw the return of the Oswestry Balloon Carnival 2019 from Oswestry Town centre park, Cae-Glas.

The event once again in aid of Nightingale House Hospice saw an array of 30+ balloons ranging from all shapes and sizes. To carnival entertainment which saw dance displays, fire performances and live music.

The weekend was graced with a sunny heat wave which brought the town to life! Good weather also meant the balloons were able to make all 5 slots over the weekend including tethering in the afternoon both days and the now locally famous Saturday evening Night Glow, which this year was sponsored by Lindstrand and themed as the Greatest Showman!

The event made over £30,000 for the hospice, thanks to all the help from the volunteers and supporters.

Details for Oswestry Balloon Carnival 2020 will be released soon.

Check our event’s video: Ballooning

For up to date information on the Carnival please visit, Oswestry Balloon Carnival  or follow the event on Facebook at @oswestryballooncarnival

The second Telford Balloon Festival took place on 11-12 May 2019 and Lindstrand Technologies were once again tasked with running the ballooning side of things.

After the tremendous success of the first event in 2018, expectations were high and, despite the usual mixed bag of English weather, the people of Telford were greeted to a sight of more hot air balloons flying over their town than at any time previously.

Due to strong winds, initial plans for a Friday evening flight were scuppered so the event began in earnest on Saturday morning. A handful of balloonists took to the sky in challenging conditions before the afternoon activities began at 12pm. On Saturday afternoon, the public were treated to a fun fair, food and drinks stalls and day 1 of the World’s Strongest Man competition. The weather conditions remained challenging throughout the day with former ballooning World Champion David Bareford being the only pilot to take off on Saturday evening, much to the delight of the crowds. Saturday night saw the Telford Night Glow, with a number of balloons lighting up the night sky, their pilots using their burners to illuminate the balloons in time to music. Taking centre stage in the Glow was Lindstrand’s Emoji special shape, looking luminous as it glowed. It was fabulous to see so many people enjoying the Glow and with a dazzling firework display to round it all off, people went home happy.

Sunday morning dawned and, thankfully, brought with it some lighter winds. What followed was a fabulous morning, with more than 30 hot air balloons lifting out of the town park. Amongst those flying was the giant Emoji and the Panasonic Battery. There were initial concerns around the strengths of the winds but these disappeared allowing a mass ascent of balloons on a light north easterly breeze.

From a personal perspective, Sunday morning was a training flight for me and it was wonderful to fly alongside 30 other balloons in a part of the world not overly familiar with ballooning in gorgeous Shropshire countryside. Flying in a balloon gives you such a different perspective on the landscape, and flying over a town or city can provide just as many tranquil photo opportunities as flying over the countryside. In this instance we were able to achieve both, with spectacular views of Telford and the surrounding industrial area, including the giant cooling towers at Ironbridge Power Station, when we took off. We then tracked slowly south, following the River Severn, landing in a nice big grassy field near Sutton Maddock.
The remainder of Sunday saw clear blue skies and light winds, so the crowds flocked to the QEII arena, where tethered balloons were on display, including Lindstrand’s Wes the Wolf, and food and drinks stalls, a fun fair and the second day of the World’s Strongest Man competition kept people entertained.

In the evening, a handful of balloons took to the skies to huge cheers from the crowd.

The entire event was free for the people of Telford and injected a tremendous boost to the local area, with families flocking to the town park in their thousands for 2 full days of food, drink, fun and hot air balloons.
Lindstrand Technologies organised a wonderful display of hot air balloons across the weekend and now turn their attention to balloons meets in Metz, France and Todi, Italy before the Oswestry Balloon Carnival returns in August.

Checkout our video: Telford Balloon Fiesta

Writer: Tom Orpin

Images by: Marisa D’Alessandro

The inaugural Oswestry Balloon Carnival took place on 25/26 August 2018.

After last year’s Oswestry Balloon Festival at the nearby Ironworks, this year the event was incorporated into Oswestry’s annual town carnival, taking place in the heart of the town as a free event for the town’s people.

On Saturday morning we were greeted on-site with a snug launch field which certainly wasn’t without character. Whilst balloons had to carefully lay out between obstacles such as trees and a bandstand, complete with angry wasps nest, there was something very heart-warming about squeezing a complete balloon event into a local town park. By complete I mean, you had the launch field, with a balloonist entrance and exit, and you had a number of food stalls and children’s slides, and that was the event, all within a localised environment. There was a terrific sense of community spirit.

Things were a little fast on Saturday morning but a small number of balloons fancied giving it a go and were able to enjoy a quick flight, once they had negotiated the town park and nearby rooftops.

Lindstrand Technologies were instrumental in pulling the balloon aspect of the carnival together, and had many balloons in attendance, including He’s Back, the Per Lindstrand balloon featuring a giant banner of Per and some of the Lindstrand Tech demonstrators, including a hopper. Several Lindstrand special shapes were also in attendance and stole the show, including the Panasonic Battery and Wes the Wolf, making his first appearance at a balloon festival. The giant ‘baby’ penguin Tall Steve, operated by Exclusive Ballooning, was also in attendance, making it to Oswestry having just returned from the Red River Balloon Rally Festival in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA.

Balloons tethered throughout the day on Saturday, with clouds breaking up nicely to inject some real warmth.

The evening flight was called on, and some 30 balloons launched out of the quaint launch field to roars of excitement from the crowds. And crowds there certainly were; the place was absolutely packed and every balloon launch was greeted with wild cheers and applause. It’s always great to see balloons flying at a place where the local people are not as accustomed to seeing balloons flying as they are elsewhere. Here, there was a lot of love for ballooning and all those involved in putting on this show.

Shapes received extra big cheers, such as Captain Jack, the Donkey, the Battery and Tall Steve. There was also an opportunity at this event for young trainee pilots to have their moment, with the He’s Back balloon being piloted by Matt Billing, a young PuT who went off on his solo flight test and passed with flying colours.

The balloons flew for around an hour, flying directly over the town before landing in the Shropshire countryside.

The day climaxed with a spectacular Night Glow, with Wes the Wolf being the star of the show.

Unfortunately, the weather became all Bank Holiday on the Sunday and ballooning activity was cancelled. However, en route home we took a detour to a fabulous new restaurant deep in north Wales which more than made up for the gloomy conditions.

Reflecting on the event, it’s been confirmed that more people attended this event than any other in Oswestry town history. So, is there an appetite for balloon events in this part of the world? You’d better believe it and Lindstrand Technologies are at the forefront of making this happen.

This was a superb community event for the people of Oswestry and brought balloons and the general public closer together than ever. For many of these people, this would have been the closest they’ve ever come to a balloon before and there was a real sense of warmth and admiration for all those taking part.

Bring on next year.

– Hot Air Blogger

Written by:  Tom Orpin
Photographs by:  Marisa DAlessandro

Lindstrand’s managing director, Per Lindstrand speaking at the FAVIA conference in the USA today.

Fantastic day at FAVIA celebrating the first manned balloon flight in the USA.

First Nightglow of the Lubao International Balloon Festival


First flight of the Lubao International Balloon Festival, in the Philippines