Situated for nearly 30 years in a quiet corner of Shropshire, in Oswestry, the Lindstrand Technologies factory has produced some of the most advanced lighter-than-air airships and inflatable structures in the world.

What We Do

Tel Aviv Hiflyer


The HiFlyer, a helium filled tethered balloon, is an attraction that provides passengers with a thrilling experience of a balloon flight.

Ayers Rock SkyFlyer


The ‘SkyFlyer is the world’s first of its kind, offering a great new revenue generating opportunity for amusement and water park operators, zoos etc.


The Lindstrand lighter-than-air portfolio includes a range of aerostats, manned and unmanned airships, and gas balloons.

FIFA Inflatable Trade Stand

Inflatable Structures

Lindstrand inflatable buildings are advanced portable structures that are widely used in both civil and military applications.

Hot Air Balloons

Lindstrand Technologies has developed innovative, efficient and cost effective solutions to deal with a variety of complex issues.

Italian PTB

Parachute Training Balloons

The PTB provides the independence required to plan and execute parachute training programmes without the restriction of aircraft availability, something that has been proving increasingly problematic over recent years.

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