For the past few years, Lindstrand Technologies has diversified its business developing a range of quality inflatable buildings and lighter-than-air products for military organisations, and providing a bespoke design and manufacturing service to clients worldwide.

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd is an aircraft manufacturer approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of United Kingdom and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). The latter one is a new European Union Agency that oversees all national Civil Aviation organisations.

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd is approved as a Design, Production and Maintenance Organisation under Part 21. EASA Part 21 approval signifies the highest quality level possible and far exceeds any ISO 9000 Series certification.

The information on Lindstrand Technologies Ltd approvals can be found at the EASA website in the Certification Section.

EASA and CAA approvals ensure that any Lindstrand product is designed and manufactured to the highest possible standards – whether it is a highly complex airship, or a relatively straightforward inflatable building.

All Lindstrand key engineers have personal approval from EASA.

Aerostats and airships provide an economical alternative to unmanned drones for surveillance purposes. There is now also an increased demand for the supply of aerostats for use as parachute training balloons (known as PTBs).

Air Cell Buildings are increasingly being used by military organisations around the world. They can be supplied to provide temporary storage for aircraft in the form of hangars and as shelters for use as command centres and other field uses (such as hospitals, vehicle storage etc). These buildings have been in service with the Swedish Air Force, Royal Air Force and the US Navy and Marine Corps.

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd is an approved NATO supplier (hangars and PTBs).

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