It’s hard to miss the Lindstrand Aerostat in the upcoming film by Amazon, featuring Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne.

In 1862, daredevil balloon pilot Amelia Wren teams up with pioneering meteorologist James Glaisher to advance human knowledge of the weather.
While breaking records and advancing scientific discovery, their voyage to the very edge of existence helps the unlikely pair find their place in the world they have left far below them.

The movie is brought to life using a full scale Aerostat produced by Lindstrand Technologies, specially designed for the look of the 19th century.
You can catch the film on general release in theatres on December 6th, or on Amazon Prime Video on December 20th.

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  1. Chuck Foster
    Chuck Foster says:

    Just watched the movie. Wonderful story. Enjoyed by non-balloonists in the room, as well.
    However, I was very impressed by the technical details of the balloon. The accuracy all the way down to the splices on the rigging lines. Not surprised seeing that it was built by Lindstrand. They always seem to hit the mark, year after year.


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