Lindstrand AV Dome Delhi

Lindstrand AV Dome, an IFAI award winning inflatable structure, debuted in Dubai on 14th March 2008. The owner of the dome, Production Technology LLC (Protec), a leading production company based in Dubai, used the dome for the official launch of the new Al Gharhoud Bridge which crosses the Creek.

The AV Dome is 19.8 metres tall supporting 22 metre diameter sphere on 4 metre high air cell collar. It does stand out during the daytime, yet it’s even more impressive at night having a highly advanced projection system inside which projects images onto the dome’s surface giving 360° seamless, high definition video which is seen both from the inside and the outside of the structure.

Great aesthetic appearance and mobility of the AV Dome makes it ideal for hosting the temporary events. The dome is the first within the region and the owners hope it will bring a new approach to cinema projection experience and events within the Middle East.

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