The Tallinn HiFlyer took to the air for the first time last weekend.  It is located in a perfect spot between the ferry and cruise terminals and the city centre.  It is within walking distance from anywhere within the town and it should be open to the public by the end of the May.  This is now the tallest structure in Tallinn.

Congratulations to Sigre and all the team at Balloon Tallinn who have been working on this for the last 5 years.



News & Features LIMCA Book of Records

The Ahmedabad Eye HiFlyer has received its national award from the LIMCA Book of Records.

On 11th November 2010, the HiFlyer flew 1172 adult passengers and 652 children. This set a new international record the numbers of passengers who flew in a Lindstrand HiFlyer in one day. This is Lindstrand’s first HiFlyer on the Indian sub-continent.

The LIMCA Book of Records is started in 1990 and is published by Coca Cola, which markets the Limca drink in India. It is based on the Guinness World Records Book and holds all records set by Indians. It is published in three languages – English, Hindi and Malayalam.

Further information about the LIMCA Book of Records can be found at –

Philly Zoo HiFlyer beats Superstorm Sandy at its Own Game

In a week which saw campaigning suspended for the forthcoming American Presidential Election 2012 due to the biggest storm to be experienced in living history by many East Coast states, Lindstrand Technologies Ltd is delighted to advise all its visitors to the website that the Philadelphia Zoo HiFlyer survived Superstorm Sandy.

With an experienced management team in situ, the balloon was storm moored in preparation for the onslaught. The predictions issued by the US Hurricane Advisory centre (NOAA) showed the city of Philadelphia as being right in the path of Sandy as it altered course and moved onshore.

Needless to say Lindstrand’s were delighted when they received the call in the early hours of Tuesday morning, saying that the balloon was OK.

IAAPA 2012

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd will once again be represented at this year’s IAAPA Attractions Expo 2012. The trade show runs from Tuesday November 13th until Friday 16th November.

The hosts will be Keith Goffin and Matt Monfredi.

Should anyone wish to visit – the stand number is 4429

Further information about the company’s exhibition can be found at:


Dominating the desert sky line, overlooking the Yas Island water park development, the Abu Dhabi Pearl balloon was installed and launched by Lindstrand Technologies in August.

The water park’s unique theme centres around ‘The Legend of the Lost Pearl’ – an original story about ‘Dana’, a young Emirati girl, on a quest for the legendary pearl that had once brought good luck to her village.

Visitors can look forward to more than exciting rides, slides and attractions – including four one-of-a-kind rides that have never been seen before at any other park in the world. The brand new waterpark took home the World Waterpark Association’s inaugural ‘Leading Edge Award’ at a special ceremony held recently in Las Vegas.

Standing atop a 40 metre tower, the 8 metre sphere has been designed and built to look like the precious jewel, although much larger. The sphere is air inflated and is lit by LED lights which give a much brighter light. The seam construction has been specifically developed for this project, so that the finished look is as close to that of a pearl as possible.

At night, the Pearl glows brightly into the blackness of the desert surroundings.

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd won the tender to supply the Pearl, and has worked closely with the main contractor Atkins UK and local construction company in Abu Dhabi, ALEC for the last 18 months.

The Pearl Mountain was installed during the hottest month in Abu Dhabi, with temperatures regularly exceeding + 40 degrees C. The Pearl envelope was winched up in its deflated state, to the top of the 40 metres tower (crag) by two Lindstrand engineers, who then continued to work tirelessly through the night to ensure its safe inflation and installation.

The project is due to reach its conclusion towards the end of 2012, and the park will open to the general public in early 2013.

News & Features A Return to the Balearics

Over the last couple of months, Lindstrand Technologies Ltd has been installing its newest HiFlyer system on the island of Ibiza, in the Mediterranean.

This is the first tethered HiFlyer aerostat on the island, but for Lindstrand Technologies is a welcome return after an absence of several years in this part of the world.

As the UK recorded its wettest period on record between April to June 2012, the Lindstrand installation team were enjoying wall to wall sunshine and blue skies on the ever popular Mediterranean island.

This HiFlyer is certified as an aircraft under EASA regulations, and has passed all its inspections in order to allow it to now take fare paying passengers.

Located in San Antonio de Portmany, better known to thousands of British holidaymakers as the liveliest nightspot in the Mediterranean, the HiFlyer holds an unenviable position on the sea front. This location ensures that the balloon receives maximum exposure to all visitors to the resort.

The owner of the newest attraction in San Antonio has secured sponsorship with one of the largest night club operators in the area, and hopes to develop the balloon site into a thriving activity/ entertainment centre.

SOWETO HiFlyer undergoes a facelift

Thanks to a new sponsor, The Soweto HiFlyer is now flying with bold corporate colours applied to a new envelope.

First installed by Aerial Displays of South Africa back in 2009 at the Maponya Mall in Soweto, this HiFlyer system has benefited from corporate advertising – firstly ABSA and now MTN.

MTN is Africa’s largest telecommunications company, and here in the UK has a high profile in the Barclays Premier League (BPL) with a 3 year broadcast sponsorship of the BPL across Africa (since 2010), and as from 2010 a partnership agreement with Manchester United football club.

Aerial Displays ( is now the largest HiFlyer customer on the African continent with a total of three systems operating throughout Johannesburg, all supported by corporate sponsorship.

The inflation was carried out using liquid helium which always necessitates specialised equipment to ensure that the envelope is filled with the equivalent gas volume.

The Perfect Seat for EURO 2012

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd has completed its second HiFlyer installation in April. The location for this latest operation is the historic capital and largest city of Poland – Warsaw.

Supported by a major telecommunications company, this HiFlyer is the second Lindstrand system in operation in Poland. The first HiFlyer was installed in the UNESCO world heritage city of Krakow in 2008. Both these systems are of the surface mounted winch variety, which becomes a key part of the HiFlyer attraction for visitors.

The Warsaw HiFlyer flies proud over the city’s skyline, proudly displaying its bold and striking corporate colours, and is less than 1.5 kilometers from the 50,000 seat capacity National Stadium, which will host the opening match in June of EURO 2012, three matches in Group A, the quarter finals and the semi finals. Warsaw_City Centre.pdf

The artwork was recreated using vinyl application, which is becoming the more popular method of applying artwork directly to the surface of the Lindstrand HiFlyer envelopes.

This particular balloon required over 580 man hours to apply the artwork and used 1000 meters of vinyls.

For further information about the Stacja Balon HiFlyer please visit their website


The Lindstrand HIFLYER returns to Italy after a 13 year absence

‘Bentornato in Italia dopo un’assenza di tredici anni’.

It was a welcome return to Italy and a new location in Turin, as Lindstrand Technologies Ltd installed its latest HiFlyer tethered aerostat in April.

This project has taken nearly 5 years to realize, and now the owners can continue their work with the local community, which includes international adoptions and help for people with addictions and disabilities and the homeless. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin and the District 7.

The neighbourhood between the Porta Palazzo and the River Dora has always been symbolized with a big balloon, and the HiFlyer in Piazza Borga Dora will now be included on the circuit of the Tour of Turin, operated by City Sightseeing Torino.

The site, set in a typical Italian piazza, is close to a former military arsenal, and a tram museum.

The operation of the Turin HiFlyer will bring much needed regeneration to an area which has faced recent economic decline. Emphasis will be given to children to ride the HiFlyer as part of the educational programmes run by the region.

How to See Indonesia in One Go

The Lindstrand HiFlyer will now give visitors to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah(TMII) or ‘Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park’, the opportunity to view the whole of the archipelago on one flight.

Located south east of the sprawling city of Jakarta, Taman Mini is a recreation of Indonesia in miniature. The park is a synopsis of Indonesian culture with virtually all aspects of daily life in Indonesia’s 26 provinces (as in 1975) encapsulated in separate pavilions with the collections of Indonesian architecture, clothing, dances and traditions all depicted impeccably. The site for the HiFlyer is near the Taman Bunga Keong Emas, or Flower Park.

This is LTL’s second HiFlyer in Indonesia, the first one located close to the beach in the thriving tourist resort of Kuta on the island of Bali. The system was installed at TMII in the first couple of weeks of December 2011, and will operate to a height of 100 meters, allowing all visitors fantastic views across the park.


New Swags & Stripes for Bournemouth HiFlyer

After seven years of faultless service, the envelope for the Bournemouth HiFlyer has been replaced with a brand new one, including some very theatrically inspired artwork.

The last envelope was first inflated in 2003 at the Winter Gardens site, operated by S & D Leisure and was retired from service at the end of the summer season in 2010. Bournemouth Council issued a tender for a new operating licence and S & D Leisure was successful in its application, and took the opportunity to invest in a new envelope, to be operational for Summer 2011.

The aircraft approved HiFlyer is now back in service, and hopes to continue its long tradition of attracting many visitors to the ride and the Winter Gardens themselves.

Please go to the Bournemouth Eye website for more information –