Meanwhile in the UK the Lindstrand Demo has been flying in Lancashire. A great weekend of flying both sides of the globe.


The Lindstrand factory team on target for a drop of 0.00m on the cross at the Lubao International Balloon Fiesta, Philippines. This event now in its third year is the biggest balloon fiesta in SE Asia. With great organising and a fantastic flying area it is wonderful event. Fantastic weekend at the Lubao International balloon fiesta, Philippines. Some great flights and light hearted competition. Great local crew who always there when you land.

You can spot the Lindstrand factory team in Earth 2000, and even a new Signature Series 70 in the mix. We were very pleased to attend this event now in its third year.



We are very pleased to launch our balloon design tool, the link is provided below. Thanks to everyone who helped test this.
We hope this will be useful for balloonists around the globe, its features include logo and text uploads. The design tool will be updated with new features at various points as we continue to improve its function. Any feedback is welcome.

Whilst this won’t replace final visuals we think this will allow you to sit down with a client and give them a feel for what their balloon will look like, alternatively design the balloon of your dreams!

You may check out the feature on this link

Short clip of recent test flying, made by Andy Marshall, Thanks Andy.

Fantastic flying at this year’s Chateau D’Oex balloon fiesta. We were thrilled to give our new demo its first public outing. A chance for many balloonists to see the new deflation system, and other new innovations.




Lindstrand Technologies Ltd are thrilled to announce that Arkadiusz Iwanski, of Poland, has been appointed our dealer for balloons in Central and Eastern Europe. 

 Arkadiusz is an experienced hot air balloonist and as a former Polish National champion he has finished in the top 3 for the last 5 years.  He will be representing Lindstrand Technologies in this important market and providing support and services for clients in his region.  

 Per Lindstrand Managing Director of Lindstrand Technologies said;

 “We have worked with Arkadiusz previously with our HiFlyer based in Warsaw and we are thrilled to have him as part of the Lindstrand family” 

 Arkadiusz said;

“I am proud and excited to be a part of Lindstrand family.”

“Lindstrand are renowned for innovation and are a very friendly company that manufactures excellent products including hot air balloons, Hiflyers and Skyflyers as well as undertaking special projects like the design and manufacture of the parachute for the planned Mars landing – Marslander, Beagle 2.

 I always love to offer my clients the best products on the market. Our new range of hot air balloons will create a new era in hot air ballooning.  I am sure  it will be a success and that it will revolutionise the market in the near future. I created  a strong Lindstrand brand in Poland but now we want expand to other markets and create  Lindstrand Central & Eastern Europe to be closer to final clients and offer them the best services.

 The Central & Eastern Europe market is  a progressive market. A lot of big Hot Air Balloon events like Europeans and Worlds will be organized in this part of Europe and we want be a part of this. 

 As Hot Air Ballooning increases its popularity in tourism, events and advertisement opportunities the market  for new products should increase in the near future from small and private aerials to operators.

 We will have a lot of news and great offers for all of our existing and prospective clients  soon, so it is very exciting to be a part of creating a new generation in the ballooning world.”

  Welcome aboard Arkadiusz and we look forward to working with you in the future, if anyone has any questions regarding this region please contact Arkadiusz at +48606589015.

 Look out for further dealer announcements in the near future.

Per Lindstrand was in Albuquerque this week to proudly announce his return to ballooning and the launch of the brand new Signature Series hot air balloon from Lindstrand Technologies.

 The factory recently completed production of its first balloon envelope in the range, an LTL Series 1-70, and is in the final steps towards type certification. Additional sizes will be added to the range in coming months, from 70,000 up to 425,000 cubic feet.

 Lightweight sizes, racers, and a revolutionary new burner are also currently in development.

 Further announcements will be made as we get closer to reaching our goal of type certification, which we expect to receive by the end of the year, with first deliveries leaving the factory in early 2016.

Until then, our Sales Manager, Kelvin Oakley, is ready to provide our customers with further information and quotes

Lindstrand UK Factory

Per Lindstrand announces his return to the Hot Air Balloon industry.

It has been twelve years since Per Lindstrand left mainstream balloon building, selling his share in the company which bore his name, to create Lindstrand Technologies. This high tech company concentrated on the research and development of lighter-than-air fabric engineering. Products include inflated structures, tethered gas balloons and even specialised parachutes for the EU space program which have kept Per at the forefront of the fabric and aviation industries. During this time he has revolutionised the design for the HiFlyer tethered aerostat, with the Lindstrand HiFlyer now considered the best and most modern fully automated tethered aerostat in the world, with 60 HiFlyers in 24 countries.

Per’s passion for ballooning has never diminished and much of the R&D work conducted by Lindstrand Technologies will have direct applications for hot air balloon design. With the decision two weeks ago by the current owners to close Lindstrand Hot Air Balloons, discussions were begun by the staff at Lindstrand Technologies to preserve the rich history and legacy of Oswestry for lighter-than-air development and manufacturing excellence. Many of the staff have been with Per for over 30 years in the industry. The team consists of hot air balloon pilots, aircraft welders, experienced seamstresses, design team, CAA department, purchasing department, engineering department, and electrical department.

Per began balloon manufacturing in Oswestry in 1978 and from this location revolutionised the design of the modern day balloon. He has been manufacturing lighter-than-air aircraft on this same site to this day. Along the way, Per and Richard Branson captured all Hot Air Balloon absolute world records, and many feats thought to be impossible were proven otherwise.

The whole concept of the current state of the balloon industry has been analysed to determine where improvements and innovations can be introduced. Once again Per Lindstrand’s visionary approach to balloon design and manufacturing will place Oswestry at the forefront of the industry. This will be a new balloon company dedicated to innovation without restriction.


Further press releases will be made in the coming weeks. Please contact Lindstrand Technologies, 01691 671888, for additional information.