Commuters on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles will be greeted by the new sight of the #GoodyearHangar today. Check out these fast facts that make it the largest inflatable structure of its type in North America!

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In July the RSPCA picked up there new inflatable tent.  It was perfectly timed for the Royal Welsh Show 2014 who had 237,694 visitors.




Using a solar tower in a desert for generating electricity is not new but to date the only installations were constructed from sea tower’s.  The scientist Dr. David Rabanus who worked for the ALMA Astronomy station in the Atacama Desert in Chile was annoyed at the inefficiency of the power generation and was seeking an alternative energy source.  He found the solar tower but realised that the existing one’s couldn’t work in the Atacama Desert as the land is very earthquake prone.

He contacted Lindstrand Technologies to see if we could manufacture a fabric inflatable structure that would be earthquake proof and this is exactly what we are doing now.  This is being covered in National News and Per Lindstrand has given numerous interviews upon the development work being undertaken.



LTL delivers INFLATABLE TUNNEL PLUG to hydro electric plant

In early August 2011 Lindstrand Technologies Ltd delivered and installed a tunnel plug that will block the airflow inside a tunnel in the event of an emergency such as a fire. This was for a UK based company.

The plug is designed to be held tight back to the tunnel lining in a deflated state during normal operations to allow vehicular access. If there is a requirement to cut off the airflow within the tunnel, the plug can be quickly deployed, inflating to fill the complete tunnel section in under a minute.

Installation is quick and simple, allowing the plug to be moved to different locations within the tunnel with minimal effort.

The Igloo Geodesic

Lindstrand Technologies, together with Igloo Vision, created the Igloo Geodesic Dome.

The 22m diameter dome creates a totally immersive 360-degree digital projection environment designed to transport your audience to an alternate world using graphics, live feed, video or animated audio visuals customised to your requirements.

The dome has had a busy year providing an amazing venue at Glastonbury, The Big Chill festival, Feest in Het Park, Brussels and IDA 360 in Plymouth. It has also been used with Sky 3D technology in London for their flagship Sky Rides event.

Lindstrand Promotes Inflatable Lift Bags and Fenders at ITS Convention

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd have made their first appearance at the International Tug and Salvage Convention in Vancouver, Canada from the 17th – 20th May 2010.

LTL registered as exhibitors in order to showcase their inflatable lift bags and fenders and other applications in air cell technology.

This is one of the biggest tug and salvage shows in the World and is held on a bi-annular basis. Other exhibitors included Rolls Royce Marine, Smit Engineering, John Deere & Mammoet (famous for their involvement in the raising of the Russian Submarine, the Kursk).

Inflatable Solutions for Farmers

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd based in Oswestry, Shropshire and owned by the legendary balloonist Per Lindstrand has just broadened its product line and is venturing into the agricultural market. Lindstrand Technologies Ltd has applied its expertise in air cell technology to the development of purpose built inflatable buildings for perishable crop storage. These inflatable buildings are designed so that the internal climate can be controlled.

The main benefits of these buildings include;

· Innovative new solution to crop storage/ equipment storage/ animal housing

· Cost sensitive (over 20% cheaper than a rigid structure)

· No planning permission required for a period of 6 weeks with the landowners permission.

· Roof attachments for climate control systems

· Inflated in 1-2 hours

· Easily transportable and can be relocated

· Self supporting- no need for guy wires (rigid when inflated)

· No foundations are required

· Life expectancy of 20 years in a European climate.

· Can be located next to where crops are cultivated to reduce transportation costs.

This is a product that could benefit many farmers. There is always a problem with agricultural storage space, the costs involved in providing this space and in the costs associated with transportation to the storage facility.

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd buildings are available in a variety of sizes and bespoke buildings can be manufactured to meet exact customer requirements.


Lindstrand Technologies Lighting The Skies

A brand new state of the art light projection system has been developed in co-operation with Igloo Vision to internally illuminate the Lindstrand HiFlyer Balloon. Following the success of the international award winning AV Dome, Lindstrand Technologies have incorporated the projection technology into the HiFlyer balloon system, creating the first aerostat to have full 360 seamless video projection.

This system will allow live television, date, time and temperature and moving advertisements to be seen from the ground. It has been developed as a video player system but also supports live feed from cameras or TV signals and RSS feeds from websites, such as news or weather reports.

It provides a unique advertising opportunity to businesses and makes the HiFlyer attraction even more spectacular.

HiFlyers have been installed worldwide and this new feature will offer a great new opportunity to theme parks, hotel resorts, water parks, beach fronts and many more locations.

Inflatable Military Aircraft Hangar

Designed and manufactured in-house the second generation Inflatable Military Aircraft Hangar has been assigned the NATO Stock Number 5410-99-872-2045

The hangar consists of 2 main sections, 1 ‘eyelid’ style end and 1 domed end. Access is gained via either of the main ‘eyelid’ doors or through the 4 side personnel access doors.

The main section has an interior floor approximately 12.2 metres wide, 12.7 metres long with a full internal height of 6.1 metres. The ‘eyelid’ and domed ends extend the overall length to approximately 26.8 metres.

The complete structure is supplied by 2 fans (1.75kW single phase 220v) which are controlled by a pressure control unit (PCU). Air is supplied by a 50mm inflation hose and air supply is connected to the ‘eyelid’ doors by a spiral hose.

The structure is attached to the ground via anchor straps connected to earth or hard surface anchors. Guy wires are not required.

This structure is currently being used by the Swedish Airforce for their SAAB Gripen Aircraft.


Inflatable tunnel plug

The Hague, the Netherlands

On 19th and 20th of January 2008, a new innovative fire extinguishing system for tunnel fires has been successfully tested in the new Hubertustunnel in The Hague, the Netherlands. The system consisted of Lindstrand inflatable tunnel plug and Steamexfire machine, invention of the Liberty Gasturbine Holland.

Because of the large number of tunnels, and the increasing economic value of them, European authorities, such as Dutch organizations ProRail and RWS (rail and road tunnel responsible) show interest in innovations in the spectrum of fire suppression methods for large tunnel fires.

Current methods of fighting tunnel fires suggest using manpower only as the nature of tunnel does not allow installation of the sprinkler systems. Lindstrand Technologies introduced inflatable tunnel plugs – an effective solution that terminates fire by cutting off the oxygen supply in the tunnel. Installed in 100m interval, inflatable plugs can be deployed automatically at minimum time and with no risk to firemen lives.

Successful test of Lindstrand inflatable tunnel plugs were also conducted in Brenner Pass in Italy..