Per Lindstrand announces our new prototype composite fuel cylinder. A significant leap forward in balloon development #innovation #blueskies#lindstrand #hotairballoons further information will be announced as we progress with this exciting project.

If you’re heading to the Icicle this weekend come and say hello at the Lindstrand stand. Per will be there on Saturday at 1400 to make an exciting new announcement.

Commuters on the 405 freeway in Los Angeles will be greeted by the new sight of the #GoodyearHangar today. Check out these fast facts that make it the largest inflatable structure of its type in North America!

Check out the article here.

This is a great event, highly recommended.

So, what are you waiting for?……..Here we go!!
Be one of the first 100 balloon teams to send in your Entry/Registration Form to assure your participation in the 30th. edition of our event…………..a good one, a GREAT one, the BEST EVER, so join us a be part of it!!

Visit our website, download the form, complete and return it to us and we are on our way!!

We are delighted to announce Daniel Sjökvist as our new brand ambassador for Sweden. Daniel has been a long time friend of Lindstrand and we delighted to be working with him. Daniel will be taking delivery of two brand new Lindstrand Technologies balloons in the very near future and can be seen at balloon events throughout Sweden.

Welcome to the Lindstrand family Daniel.

First outing of our prototype lightweight hopper. A beautiful morning!

For those who like statistics :- 1 hour and 20 minutes on a worthington tank with the tank just reading on deflation. Ambient temperature 32C, with a 75kg pilot. Maximum recorded envelope temperature of 82C.

I think we are all going to have a lot of fun with this one

A Great article and update on the Mars Lander, we are very proud of the part we played in this mission. Its a shame the solar array did not deploy upon landing, but part of the inherent risks of space exploration. One day when people visit Mars they will see a small Lindstrand logo on the surface! Of course if any Martians find the lander, they are welcome to contact us for a competitive quote and our great off world discounts!

You may check the article here.