Ayers Rock SkyFlyer

Our SkyFlyer has recently been inflated for operational testing at its new home. We are very excited for this mile stone and it marks an exciting new development for tethered passenger aerostats.

In addition to our popular HiFlyer the SkyFlyer will open up new markets for operations and we are excited for the new opportunities this major leap forward in tethered gas aerostat technology. The Lindstrand team had a stunning view from the top of the SkyFlyer during the installation, bonus points if you can guess where they are.

Lindstrand Technologies are proud to present the first of it’s kind in the world:

  The SkyFlyer

Click on the link below, to see The SkyFlyer, flying to new level.

Lindstrand Technologies SkyFlyer

Lindstrand SkyFlyer

Launching at IAAPA Las Vegas, the ‘SkyFlyer’ is the revolutionary new tethered helium balloon produced by Lindstrand Technologies Ltd. The SkyFlyer offers customers the chance to view 360 degree scenery at a height of 120m all year round. The site size requirement for the SkyFlyer is only 12 metres diameter.

This balloon is like no other, the envelope is in the shape of an airship and has a gondola suspended below that can carry up to 16 passengers. This new balloon is attached to a ground winch that is positioned on a rotational platform. This allows the balloon to face the correct direction according to the wind pattern. The balloon can therefore fly in near gale force weather conditions up to wind speeds of 40 knots with a full passenger payload.

The SkyFlyer will offer a great new opportunity to theme parks, hotel resorts, water parks, beach fronts and many more locations.