Situated for nearly 30 years in a quiet corner of Shropshire, in Oswestry, the Lindstrand Technologies factory has produced some of the most advanced lighter-than-air airships and inflatable structures in the world. All of the technologies behind Per’s world records were developed in these premises where manufacturing fully complies with strict CAA regulations.

With designs certified in 48 countries and a perfect safety record, Lindstrand Technologies is the world’s most versatile manufacturer of aerostats, airships, gas balloons, tethered balloons and high-tech inflatable structures.

Design, manufacturing and quality control all take place in house. Lindstrand’s machinery, testing equipment and software programs represent the latest technology and are capable of manufacturing advanced products for use in any climate conditions, as well as in space and at sea.

The Lindstrand factory has 8 welding machines, 2 cutting tables and a fully equipped textile laboratory that can tackle any type of fabric testing in house.