The DHL Balloon

Hong Kong HiFlyer

Visitors to Hong Kong can now experience the most breathtaking views of the harbour, Hong Kong Island and the Kowloon Peninsula in the wonderful DHL balloon. Hong Kong harbour by day and night is one of the world’s most iconic panoramas. This view has inspired millions and many more will be able to enjoy the sites from 100 metres above Victoria harbour.

Manufactured and installed by Lindstrand Technologies Ltd, the DHL HiFlyer is the fourth system delivered by the company in 2010.

The HiFlyer, which includes a surface mounted winch system, has been certified for passenger carrying operations under Hong Kong Civil Aviation and EMSD Regulations.

Owned and operated by Future Leisure Aviation Ltd, the company secured a sponsorship deal with the world renowned DHL courier company, which is why this attraction will be so prominent across the Hong Kong skyline.

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