Lindstrand GA-22 Airship

LTL has been subcontracted for the design and production of an unmanned helium airship by a major British contractor.

A 22 meter long airship, perfect for deployment into roles such as communications relay stations, will be updated and adapted to carry payloads, such as high tech surveillance equipment at up to 150 kilograms in weight, to heights of more than 6,500 feet. The client plans to integrate their existing Unmanned Autonomous Systems into the GA-22 making the technology more accessible to potential users.

“Strategically, GA-22 fits perfectly into the autonomous fleet that we are developing“said the client’s spokesperson. “The new vehicle has the possibility of opening up a range of markets for the compnay. It has a range of unique capabilities and we have identified a number of roles at major events, from sporting occasions to floods and forest fires, for which GA-22 is ideal”.

The client’s designers and engineers have worked with Lindstrand Technologies to update the original design. GA-22 will be able to carry high-tech surveillance equipment, including a payload of up to 150 kilograms, to heights of more than 6,500ft. In addition, it is being made from a newer and lighter material, which improves the airship’s performance. At the moment GA-22 is radio controlled, but the plan is to make it fully autonomous.

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