Lindstrand World Cup preparations

As the Football World Cup draws ever closer, Lindstrand Technologies has delivered a third HiFlyer system to South Africa this year at the end of November.

Based at Sandton, a wealthy suburb of Johannesburg, and located adjacent to the Radisson Hotel, the Lindstrand team installed an underground HiFlyer system.

This HiFlyer is the third one to be installed for Aerial Displays, based in South Africa. This follows on from the two installations in March of this year.

The project has been sponsored by Hyundai, one of the key ‘players’ for next year’s World Cup.

The weather in Johannesburg was very unseasonal for the time of year, with lower than expected temperatures and record levels of rainfall, which had a very British impact on the site preparations. Whilst mud (and there was a lot of it) is claimed to be good for the complexion, it does make life a little difficult for a HiFlyer inflation. However, our team overcame this slight technical difficulty and had the system inflated in 4 hours using liquid helium, which can traditionally slow down an inflation. However, a ‘team’ of experts from a local helium company worked hard to ensure that the night didn’t become a long one.

The envelope is all white with Hyundai branding, shown at its best when illuminated at night. Aerial Displays now has a ‘3-man team’ of Lindstrand HiFlyers in South Africa: Montecasino, Sandton, and Maponya Mall, Soweto – all in Johannesburg.

The World Cup draw was being beamed live to the site at its press day on Friday 4th December 200


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