There is a need for wide-band global connectivity, telecommunications and internet, but solutions are often expensive like Satellites, risky, and require long development cycles.

Lindstrand Technologies Limited over many years have been working on having the much more cost affective solution – The airship, or aerostat.  It is the only class of stratospheric platform that can maintain flight duration measured in months even today.  Since the late 1950s high altitude station keeping platforms have been under research.  But now materials and technologies have improved since these early days and key systems could now be made simpler, lighter and more reliable.  The capability to develop an High Altitude Long Endurance (HALE) stratospheric airship is now within reach.

One of the aerostats designed is an aerostatic platforms based on a solar powered aerodynamic super-pressure airship.  Fuel cells are used for high efficient energy storage, i.e. for night time power supply and an intelligent propulsion system will provide a reliable thrust also in the case of heavy winds.

The airship will point out the capabilities of long-term , telecommunications mission (approximately 5 years), high accuracy station keeping and recovery in addition to demonstrating the feasibility of the concept of stratospheric airships focusing on inflation of the hull and transition to the stratosphere plus successful operation over the telecommunications and internet mission length.


For more information contact Lindstrand Technologies Ltd and make HALE global connectivity a reality.

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