Dominating the desert sky line, overlooking the Yas Island water park development, the Abu Dhabi Pearl balloon was installed and launched by Lindstrand Technologies in August.

The water park’s unique theme centres around ‘The Legend of the Lost Pearl’ – an original story about ‘Dana’, a young Emirati girl, on a quest for the legendary pearl that had once brought good luck to her village.

Visitors can look forward to more than exciting rides, slides and attractions – including four one-of-a-kind rides that have never been seen before at any other park in the world. The brand new waterpark took home the World Waterpark Association’s inaugural ‘Leading Edge Award’ at a special ceremony held recently in Las Vegas.

Standing atop a 40 metre tower, the 8 metre sphere has been designed and built to look like the precious jewel, although much larger. The sphere is air inflated and is lit by LED lights which give a much brighter light. The seam construction has been specifically developed for this project, so that the finished look is as close to that of a pearl as possible.

At night, the Pearl glows brightly into the blackness of the desert surroundings.

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd won the tender to supply the Pearl, and has worked closely with the main contractor Atkins UK and local construction company in Abu Dhabi, ALEC for the last 18 months.

The Pearl Mountain was installed during the hottest month in Abu Dhabi, with temperatures regularly exceeding + 40 degrees C. The Pearl envelope was winched up in its deflated state, to the top of the 40 metres tower (crag) by two Lindstrand engineers, who then continued to work tirelessly through the night to ensure its safe inflation and installation.

The project is due to reach its conclusion towards the end of 2012, and the park will open to the general public in early 2013.

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