Inflatable Solutions for Farmers

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd based in Oswestry, Shropshire and owned by the legendary balloonist Per Lindstrand has just broadened its product line and is venturing into the agricultural market. Lindstrand Technologies Ltd has applied its expertise in air cell technology to the development of purpose built inflatable buildings for perishable crop storage. These inflatable buildings are designed so that the internal climate can be controlled.

The main benefits of these buildings include;

· Innovative new solution to crop storage/ equipment storage/ animal housing

· Cost sensitive (over 20% cheaper than a rigid structure)

· No planning permission required for a period of 6 weeks with the landowners permission.

· Roof attachments for climate control systems

· Inflated in 1-2 hours

· Easily transportable and can be relocated

· Self supporting- no need for guy wires (rigid when inflated)

· No foundations are required

· Life expectancy of 20 years in a European climate.

· Can be located next to where crops are cultivated to reduce transportation costs.

This is a product that could benefit many farmers. There is always a problem with agricultural storage space, the costs involved in providing this space and in the costs associated with transportation to the storage facility.

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd buildings are available in a variety of sizes and bespoke buildings can be manufactured to meet exact customer requirements.


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