The Lindstrand HIFLYER returns to Italy after a 13 year absence

‘Bentornato in Italia dopo un’assenza di tredici anni’.

It was a welcome return to Italy and a new location in Turin, as Lindstrand Technologies Ltd installed its latest HiFlyer tethered aerostat in April.

This project has taken nearly 5 years to realize, and now the owners can continue their work with the local community, which includes international adoptions and help for people with addictions and disabilities and the homeless. The project was carried out in collaboration with the Piedmont Region, the City of Turin and the District 7.

The neighbourhood between the Porta Palazzo and the River Dora has always been symbolized with a big balloon, and the HiFlyer in Piazza Borga Dora will now be included on the circuit of the Tour of Turin, operated by City Sightseeing Torino.

The site, set in a typical Italian piazza, is close to a former military arsenal, and a tram museum.

The operation of the Turin HiFlyer will bring much needed regeneration to an area which has faced recent economic decline. Emphasis will be given to children to ride the HiFlyer as part of the educational programmes run by the region.

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