Inflatable Military Aircraft Hangar

Designed and manufactured in-house the second generation Inflatable Military Aircraft Hangar has been assigned the NATO Stock Number 5410-99-872-2045

The hangar consists of 2 main sections, 1 ‘eyelid’ style end and 1 domed end. Access is gained via either of the main ‘eyelid’ doors or through the 4 side personnel access doors.

The main section has an interior floor approximately 12.2 metres wide, 12.7 metres long with a full internal height of 6.1 metres. The ‘eyelid’ and domed ends extend the overall length to approximately 26.8 metres.

The complete structure is supplied by 2 fans (1.75kW single phase 220v) which are controlled by a pressure control unit (PCU). Air is supplied by a 50mm inflation hose and air supply is connected to the ‘eyelid’ doors by a spiral hose.

The structure is attached to the ground via anchor straps connected to earth or hard surface anchors. Guy wires are not required.

This structure is currently being used by the Swedish Airforce for their SAAB Gripen Aircraft.


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