Lindstrand Technologies Ltd are thrilled to announce that Arkadiusz Iwanski, of Poland, has been appointed our dealer for balloons in Central and Eastern Europe. 

 Arkadiusz is an experienced hot air balloonist and as a former Polish National champion he has finished in the top 3 for the last 5 years.  He will be representing Lindstrand Technologies in this important market and providing support and services for clients in his region.  

 Per Lindstrand Managing Director of Lindstrand Technologies said;

 “We have worked with Arkadiusz previously with our HiFlyer based in Warsaw and we are thrilled to have him as part of the Lindstrand family” 

 Arkadiusz said;

“I am proud and excited to be a part of Lindstrand family.”

“Lindstrand are renowned for innovation and are a very friendly company that manufactures excellent products including hot air balloons, Hiflyers and Skyflyers as well as undertaking special projects like the design and manufacture of the parachute for the planned Mars landing – Marslander, Beagle 2.

 I always love to offer my clients the best products on the market. Our new range of hot air balloons will create a new era in hot air ballooning.  I am sure  it will be a success and that it will revolutionise the market in the near future. I created  a strong Lindstrand brand in Poland but now we want expand to other markets and create  Lindstrand Central & Eastern Europe to be closer to final clients and offer them the best services.

 The Central & Eastern Europe market is  a progressive market. A lot of big Hot Air Balloon events like Europeans and Worlds will be organized in this part of Europe and we want be a part of this. 

 As Hot Air Ballooning increases its popularity in tourism, events and advertisement opportunities the market  for new products should increase in the near future from small and private aerials to operators.

 We will have a lot of news and great offers for all of our existing and prospective clients  soon, so it is very exciting to be a part of creating a new generation in the ballooning world.”

  Welcome aboard Arkadiusz and we look forward to working with you in the future, if anyone has any questions regarding this region please contact Arkadiusz at +48606589015.

 Look out for further dealer announcements in the near future.

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