Lindstrand Technologies Lighting The Skies

A brand new state of the art light projection system has been developed in co-operation with Igloo Vision to internally illuminate the Lindstrand HiFlyer Balloon. Following the success of the international award winning AV Dome, Lindstrand Technologies have incorporated the projection technology into the HiFlyer balloon system, creating the first aerostat to have full 360 seamless video projection.

This system will allow live television, date, time and temperature and moving advertisements to be seen from the ground. It has been developed as a video player system but also supports live feed from cameras or TV signals and RSS feeds from websites, such as news or weather reports.

It provides a unique advertising opportunity to businesses and makes the HiFlyer attraction even more spectacular.

HiFlyers have been installed worldwide and this new feature will offer a great new opportunity to theme parks, hotel resorts, water parks, beach fronts and many more locations.

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