Per Lindstrand was in Albuquerque this week to proudly announce his return to ballooning and the launch of the brand new Signature Series hot air balloon from Lindstrand Technologies.

 The factory recently completed production of its first balloon envelope in the range, an LTL Series 1-70, and is in the final steps towards type certification. Additional sizes will be added to the range in coming months, from 70,000 up to 425,000 cubic feet.

 Lightweight sizes, racers, and a revolutionary new burner are also currently in development.

 Further announcements will be made as we get closer to reaching our goal of type certification, which we expect to receive by the end of the year, with first deliveries leaving the factory in early 2016.

Until then, our Sales Manager, Kelvin Oakley, is ready to provide our customers with further information and quotes

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