Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) has awarded Lindstrand Technologies an Outstanding Achievement Award under the industrial applications section for their Inflatable Flood Barrier Wall installed at the Takoma Park Community Centre in Washington DC.

The Community Centre at Takoma Park needed a new annex building but the only ground available was on the flood plain, which meant they had to show the deployment of a 2 metre tall flood barrier to secure the building permit. The entry and exit road required a removable barrier, so Lindstrand Technologies were approached to produce an inflatable solution. The inflatable barrier is normally packed into a trench under hinged doors, completely out of view. A water level sensor activates the air fan, which inflates the flood barrier by air pressure. It will then rise out of the trench, open the doors and slide up along two vertical stainless steel rods forming a perfect flood barrier. The process is fully automatic.

Lindstrand was also listed as part of the Design Team for the Award of Excellence winner, The Rugby Ball in Paris.

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