New HiFlyer Installed in China

A new chapter in HiFlyer installations has begun in China for LTL.

LTL’s second HiFlyer in China has just been installed under new state regulations. It opened to the public on June 1st to mark International Day of Children and is located in a key tourist area of the Qujiang district in southern Xi’an (probably most famous for the Terracotta Army).

It is situated close to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda – a key cultural site and holy place for Buddhists and was used to collect Buddhist materials from India during the Tang Dynasty era.

The HiFlyer is also in close proximity to Tang Paradise which is a relatively new cultural theme park representing the tang dynasty culture and housing an area of water 49 acres in size.

Rides in the HiFlyer command breathtaking views over the city and key historical sites.

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