A busy winter of installations lies ahead for Lindstrand Technologies as several installations are scheduled for November/ December and then into the New Year.

Following on from the successful ‘football’ replica HiFlyers in Johannesburg and Soweto earlier this year, LTL will be installing a 3rd balloon in the vicinity of Johannesburg– this time in Sandton. The shipment will leave the UK late October/ early November and is due to be up and running for an official FIFA visit in late November.

Further around the globe, an installation will take place later in December at the Greenery Resort, Khao Yai in Thailand.

Located 200 kms northeast of Bangkok, in the province of Nakorn Rachasima is Khao Yai and its iconic attraction – The Khao Yai National Park. Spreading over 2,168 km 2, it is one of the largest parks in Thailand.

Designated as a UNESCO Heritage Site, the Khao Yai National Park encompasses several majestic mountains, spectacular waterfalls, and rich evergreen forests and grasslands. With the height of the mountains, the abundance foliage and the cool weather, the Park is home to almost 2,500 plant species, 67 different kinds of mammals and over 300 species of birds. Rich wildlife is also found there, including many endangered mammals such as elephants, gibbons, tigers, leopards and Malaysian sun bears. Guests at Greenery Resort can also indulge in visits to a winery during their stay.

This will be Lindstrand’s first HiFlyer installation in Thailand.


Per Lindstrand

Lifetime Achievement Award from the AIAA Lighter-than-Air Technical Committee (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

This Award is given to those who, by their achievements, have contributed in a major way to the advancement of the science, operations, or manufacturing associated with buoyant flight. This award has been made to individuals like Jim Thiele of the American Blimp Company; George Spyrou of Airship Management Services; and Scott Danneker – test pilot of the Sentinel 1000 and NT 07 airships. The recipient is chosen by the LTA TC Committee. Per is the first non American citizen to receive this award in the history of the AIAA.

Per receives his award from Michael Conners – Chairman of the AIAA LTA TC at the Museum of Flight in Seattle in May 2009.

South African HiFlyers

With Johannesburg as the host city for the 2010 FIFA World Cup football fever is already high in South Africa. LTL has kicked off its own campaign by supplying two identical HiFlyers to one customer simultaneously in March 2009. They were designed and built at the Oswestry factory and both envelopes are full size reproductions of red and white footballs. The HiFlyer envelopes are the largest ever constructed at the same time by LTL with a volume of 7800m3 each. This design change is due to the high altitude of Soweto and Johannesburg which lie at 1750 metres and 2000 metres respectively (a boiled egg will take an extra minute to cook and some tourists have been known to suffer from altitude sickness!)

Lindstrand Technologies’ representative in South Africa – Francis Chikasha operating as Aerail Displays (Pty) Ltd – became associated with HiFlyers back in 1999 when he was involved with the ‘Float over the Falls’ HiFlyer at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. Francis now works and lives in South Africa running his own company. He purchased his first HiFlyer (an all red one) back in 2005 for the Montecasino complex in Johannesburg and was sponsored by ABSA. ABSA is one of the largest banks in South African and is also the main football sponsor for the South African football league, just as Barclays Bank sponsors the football league here in the UK.

The Montecasino complex was the location for the first of the two HiFlyers installed in March. The second site was the Maponya Mall in Soweto, 14 miles from Johannesburg. The mall in Soweto marks a transformation for the Johannesburg township, once an impoverished centre in the struggle against apartheid. The complex covers 65,000 m2 and has 200 stores and an eight-screen cinema. It is the brainchild of 82-year-old entrepreneur Richard Maponya, who began in business by opening a dairy in Soweto in the 1950s.

Maponya Mall is one of the largest shopping centres in Southern Africa and was opened in 2007 amid much pomp and ceremony and with the blessings of Nelson Mandela. Nelson Mandela returned to Soweto for the first time in many years in 2007 to open the shopping complex. Soweto is the most populous black urban residential area in the country, thanks to its proximity to Johannesburg, the economic hub of the country; it is also the most metropolitan township in the country – setting trends in politics, fashion, music, dance and language. Soweto is seeing an increase in tourists who want to pay their respects to Nelson Mandela and Hector Pieterson in particular, two larger-than-life heroes of the struggle against apartheid – an opportunity which Aerial Displays hopes to tap into.

The LTL crew first deflated the existing all red HiFlyer at the Montecasino complex in Johannesburg and then installed the new ‘football’ HiFlyer the next day. This HiFlyer was up and inflated and taking passengers 2 days after installation. This was closely followed a week later by the installation of the second ‘football’ HiFlyer in Soweto.

The balloons officially opened in April and LTL are pleased to report that there have been no penalties given or red cards issued. The residents of Soweto in particular love their new giant football. LTL continues to win on away goals!

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd now holds Part M Subparts F, G and I approvals which means it is now also a Maintenance organisation.

This is in addition to its approvals as a Design and Production organisation.’The Part M approvals mean that LTL has oversight for the continuing airworthiness of individual aircraft and the issue of airworthiness review certificates (currently HiFlyers only). Part M of Regulation (EC) 2042/2003 details the rules for the continuing airworthiness and maintenance of aircraft subject to EASA regulation.

In accordance with Part M, all EASA aircraft types that qualify for an EASA Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) are issued with a non-expiring CofA, validated annually with an Airworthiness Review Certificate (ARC).

Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) has awarded Lindstrand Technologies an Outstanding Achievement Award under the industrial applications section for their Inflatable Flood Barrier Wall installed at the Takoma Park Community Centre in Washington DC.

The Community Centre at Takoma Park needed a new annex building but the only ground available was on the flood plain, which meant they had to show the deployment of a 2 metre tall flood barrier to secure the building permit. The entry and exit road required a removable barrier, so Lindstrand Technologies were approached to produce an inflatable solution. The inflatable barrier is normally packed into a trench under hinged doors, completely out of view. A water level sensor activates the air fan, which inflates the flood barrier by air pressure. It will then rise out of the trench, open the doors and slide up along two vertical stainless steel rods forming a perfect flood barrier. The process is fully automatic.

Lindstrand was also listed as part of the Design Team for the Award of Excellence winner, The Rugby Ball in Paris.


A new generation airship that could benefit the emergency services by remotely monitoring disasters such as floods and forest fires and help support major sporting events has successfully completed its first remotely piloted test flight at the Lindstrand Technologies test facility at Birkenhead, North West England.

The airship, designed for remote deployment on long endurance missions or as a communications relay station, undertook the initial phase of remotely piloted testing at the Lindstrand Technologies test facility in Birkenhead as the first step towards making a fully unmanned autonomous system (UAS) for a major British contractor.

This groundbreaking step in the development of this airship ideally positions companies to take advantage of a growing range of new markets. Not only is it made of newer lighter material than any previous airship, but it is significantly smaller than the majority of its competitors yet delivers the same high level of performance.

Its small size means it is easily transportable and does not need an airfield or runway to operate from. It can use existing hangars and needs only three ground operators to fly it which all adds up to some big cost savings for future customers.

The next stages in the development of of this airship are type certification of the remotely piloted vehicle then transition to a fully autonomous vehicle utilising existing autonomous technologies available in the market place.


Krakow HiFlyer

Krakow, Poland

September 2008 saw the Lindstrand team successfully install and inflate a brand new HiFlyer on the edge of the picturesque and historic town of Krakow. After weeks of curious bystanders watching the installation process, they were able to witness the giant tethered balloon finally rise alongside the River Wisla by the Monastery on the Rock, with the city as a backdrop. This installation makes the HiFlyer the highest observation platform in Krakow.

Already generating awareness and intrigue, the operators HiFlyer Poiska Sp, expect the official launch of the attraction to be imminent once health and safety inspections and relevant licences are obtained from the Civil Aviation Authority.

Inflatable Military Aircraft Hangar

Designed and manufactured in-house the second generation Inflatable Military Aircraft Hangar has been assigned the NATO Stock Number 5410-99-872-2045

The hangar consists of 2 main sections, 1 ‘eyelid’ style end and 1 domed end. Access is gained via either of the main ‘eyelid’ doors or through the 4 side personnel access doors.

The main section has an interior floor approximately 12.2 metres wide, 12.7 metres long with a full internal height of 6.1 metres. The ‘eyelid’ and domed ends extend the overall length to approximately 26.8 metres.

The complete structure is supplied by 2 fans (1.75kW single phase 220v) which are controlled by a pressure control unit (PCU). Air is supplied by a 50mm inflation hose and air supply is connected to the ‘eyelid’ doors by a spiral hose.

The structure is attached to the ground via anchor straps connected to earth or hard surface anchors. Guy wires are not required.

This structure is currently being used by the Swedish Airforce for their SAAB Gripen Aircraft.


Lindstrand GA-22 Airship

LTL has been subcontracted for the design and production of an unmanned helium airship by a major British contractor.

A 22 meter long airship, perfect for deployment into roles such as communications relay stations, will be updated and adapted to carry payloads, such as high tech surveillance equipment at up to 150 kilograms in weight, to heights of more than 6,500 feet. The client plans to integrate their existing Unmanned Autonomous Systems into the GA-22 making the technology more accessible to potential users.

“Strategically, GA-22 fits perfectly into the autonomous fleet that we are developing“said the client’s spokesperson. “The new vehicle has the possibility of opening up a range of markets for the compnay. It has a range of unique capabilities and we have identified a number of roles at major events, from sporting occasions to floods and forest fires, for which GA-22 is ideal”.

The client’s designers and engineers have worked with Lindstrand Technologies to update the original design. GA-22 will be able to carry high-tech surveillance equipment, including a payload of up to 150 kilograms, to heights of more than 6,500ft. In addition, it is being made from a newer and lighter material, which improves the airship’s performance. At the moment GA-22 is radio controlled, but the plan is to make it fully autonomous.

Farnborough International Highlights - Lindstrand Hangar

For the second season in a row Lindstrand Technologies in cooperation with Base-X is proud and honored to provide its inflatable hangar for the Raytheon Company at Farnborough International Air Show.

Throughout its more than 80-year history, Raytheon Company has been a leader in developing defense technologies and in converting those technologies for use in commercial markets. At Farnborough International Raytheon exhibits the Bombardier Global Express business jet, known in service as the Sentinel R Mk 1 aircraft, as well as a tactical ground station.