HiFlyer Polar Ice Expedition

On June 07, 2008 the Hiflyer reached its new peak – Ice Mountain, Gunnbjorns Fjeld ( 3 693m) in Greenland!


The HiFlyer Polar Ice Expedition is the first Polish Expedition to conquer the highest point in Arctic.


The participants are Polish adventures, who are also engaged in establishing another record – the highest observation platform in Krakow. This will be achieved through the Lindstrand tethered balloon – the HiFlyer, which visitors and guests of the city will be able to explore in summer 2008.


To see the animation of the balloon: www.hiflyer.pl – “zobacz prezentacie”


Torquay HiFlyer

Torquay, UK

On May 23rd, the Torquay HiFlyer welcomed its first passengers. The tethered balloon now provides regular flights from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. (weather permitting) inviting passengers to re-discover the Bay from an absolutely new perspective in a thrilling journey 400ft (120m) above the coastline.

The HiFlyer flight is suitable for everybody – child and adult alike; the gondola can comfortably accommodate up to 30 passengers. It allows every passenger an unhindered view and is highly accessible for a standard (lightweight) wheelchair with open weave viewing port ensuring the view is not obstructed.

Certificated by Civil Aviation Authority, the Lindstrand HiFlyer provides a safe and thrilling experience of the balloon ride and the memory of a lifetime. It is the third member of the HiFlyer family in the United Kingdom: the HiFlyer ride is also available in Leeds Castle, Kent and Bournemouth.

HiFlyer Torquay

Torquay, UK

Lindstrand crew spent May bank holidays in hard work installing and inflating the brand new HiFlyer on the picturesque Torbay coast. After weeks of weather delays, residents and visitors of Torquay finally saw the giant tethered balloon rising high above the city and the bay.

Not without controversy and protests, the overall perception of the new attraction is very positive and optimistic as the City Mayor, Mr. Nick Bye, says: “It is already generating regional and national publicity which has to be a good thing in attracting more people into the Bay”.

The owner and operator of the Torquay HiFlyer, Lindstrand AeroPlatforms expects the official launch of the attraction to be held around the middle of May after the health and safety inspection is carried out by Torbay Council, and the correspondent license is obtained from Civil Aviation Authority.


HiFlyer in Philadelphia

On 17th March 2008 Philadelphia Zoo made way for a bold fun new look for its Channel 6 Zooballoon ride. Channel 6 Zooballoon is the HiFlyer renamed after its sponsor – a major TV channel of the Delaware Valley. After six and a half years of operations it was time to change the hand painted giraffe envelope, so Lindstrand Technologies produced a new tiger balloon for the bright start of the new season.

The Philadelphia Zoo is not only America’s first zoo – it’s the only zoo in the world offering this exciting and true family attraction since 2002. The balloon carries over 55 000 passengers per annum, enjoying a safari high above the treetops, overlooking the zoo’s inhabitants and a spectacular ever-growing Philadelphia skyline.

The new exciting bold “Big Cat” look of the Channel 6 Zooballoon is part of the countdown activities for the zoo’s 150-year anniversary taking place on 21st March, 2009.

Taking this opportunity, we have interviewed balloon operations manager, Matt Monfredi, the key person of the balloon smooth operations over all these years. Matt has over 10 years of experience with the HiFlyers: besides overlooking the Philadelphia Channel 6 Zooballoon, Matt supervised and operated the HiFlyers in Tenerife and Barcelona.


Inflatable tunnel plug

The Hague, the Netherlands

On 19th and 20th of January 2008, a new innovative fire extinguishing system for tunnel fires has been successfully tested in the new Hubertustunnel in The Hague, the Netherlands. The system consisted of Lindstrand inflatable tunnel plug and Steamexfire machine, invention of the Liberty Gasturbine Holland.

Because of the large number of tunnels, and the increasing economic value of them, European authorities, such as Dutch organizations ProRail and RWS (rail and road tunnel responsible) show interest in innovations in the spectrum of fire suppression methods for large tunnel fires.

Current methods of fighting tunnel fires suggest using manpower only as the nature of tunnel does not allow installation of the sprinkler systems. Lindstrand Technologies introduced inflatable tunnel plugs – an effective solution that terminates fire by cutting off the oxygen supply in the tunnel. Installed in 100m interval, inflatable plugs can be deployed automatically at minimum time and with no risk to firemen lives.

Successful test of Lindstrand inflatable tunnel plugs were also conducted in Brenner Pass in Italy..

Lindstrand AV Dome Delhi

Lindstrand AV Dome, an IFAI award winning inflatable structure, debuted in Dubai on 14th March 2008. The owner of the dome, Production Technology LLC (Protec), a leading production company based in Dubai, used the dome for the official launch of the new Al Gharhoud Bridge which crosses the Creek.

The AV Dome is 19.8 metres tall supporting 22 metre diameter sphere on 4 metre high air cell collar. It does stand out during the daytime, yet it’s even more impressive at night having a highly advanced projection system inside which projects images onto the dome’s surface giving 360° seamless, high definition video which is seen both from the inside and the outside of the structure.

Great aesthetic appearance and mobility of the AV Dome makes it ideal for hosting the temporary events. The dome is the first within the region and the owners hope it will bring a new approach to cinema projection experience and events within the Middle East.

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd of Oswestry, Shropshire was recognized with the 2012 International Achievement Award (IAA) for design excellence in speciality fabrics applications, that took place Nov. 7 at the IFAI Expo Americas 2012, at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Centre in Boston, Mass.

Lindstrand Technologies Ltd received an Outstanding Achievement Award for its Bahnhof MDC Server Hall project. The project was recognized in the competition’s Air Structures category.

IFAI received a total of 335 entries from 14 countries that were submitted for 30 categories in this year’s competition. Winners were selected based on complexity, design, workmanship, uniqueness and function. Judges included industry experts, editors, architects, educators and design professionals who were chosen for their knowledge in a particular field of study or product area.

All entries receive prominent recognition at IFAI Expo Americas, the largest speciality fabrics trade show in the Americas. Entrants receive additional publicity through coverage in IFAI magazines and press releases distributed to media professionals.

For more than six decades, IAA has recognized excellence in design and innovation, highlighting truly spectacular work in the speciality fabrics industry. The goal of IAA is to promote awareness of the speciality fabrics used in thousands of products and applications ranging in size and type.

The International Achievement Awards competition is sponsored by IFAI, a not-for-profit trade association whose 2,000 member companies represent the international speciality fabrics marketplace.

Further information can be found at:iaa_press_release_2012.pdf

The Ahmedabad Eye HiFlyer has received its national award from the LIMCA Book of Records.

On 11th November 2010, the HiFlyer flew 1172 adult passengers and 652 children.  This set a new international record the numbers of passengers who flew in a Lindstrand HiFlyer in one day.  This is Lindstrand’s first HiFlyer on the Indian sub-continent.

The LIMCA Book of Records is started in 1990 and is published by Coca Cola, which markets the Limca drink in India.  It is based on the Guinness World Records Book and holds all records set by Indians.  It is published in three languages – English, Hindi and Malayalam.

Further information about the LIMCA Book of Records can be found at – www.limcabookofrecords.in

Tethered Aerostat System for US Market

In April 2011, LTL delivered a tethered aerostat system to its American factory for testing and commissioning before being handed over to the client. The aerostat will be used primarily for surveillance work by the Military.

The GA-19 aerostat includes a mobile, trailer-mounted mooring system with hydraulic docking mast, and is intended to carry a payload weighing up to 110 kg to a flying altitude of 1000 metres. The aerostat has a volume of 880 cubic metres, and has been designed with the surveillance market in mind. The system was put through a testing programme by LTL here in the UK at the end of last year during the coldest December in recent years.

This product compliments other aerostats already designed, manufactured and delivered by LTL, and it is going to be a very popular choice for clients looking to elevate sensitive and expensive surveillance equipment. LTL designs and manufactures all its aerostats specifically tailored to the needs of the client/ end-user.