This is a great event, highly recommended.

So, what are you waiting for?……..Here we go!!
Be one of the first 100 balloon teams to send in your Entry/Registration Form to assure your participation in the 30th. edition of our event…………..a good one, a GREAT one, the BEST EVER, so join us a be part of it!!

Visit our website, download the form, complete and return it to us and we are on our way!!

We are always impressed with what people use our balloons for, but this flight needs a special mention. The Opony Express balloon team recently flew their Series 1 -105 from Poland to Sweden, an awesome achievement and a lot of water to cross. Congratulations to the pilots for some stunning flying skills from all of us at Lindstrand.

Przelot balonem nad Bałtykiem

Dwa lata przygotowań zakończone sukcesem. 30 września razem z Mikołajem Jancem przelecieliśmy Bałtyk balonem na ogrzane powietrze. Lot nie odbył by się bez pomocy mojej ekipy: Mateusz Bajończak, Łukasz Kubaczyk, kolegów baloniarzy ze Szwecji Henrik Holmqvist, Anders Holmqvist oraz Polski Daniel Szczurowski i Piotr Ojrzyński który pomagał mi przy meteo. Dziękuje wszystkim, którzy trzymali kciuki i nam kibicowali. Jestem miło zaskoczony tak dużą ilością ciepłych słów i gratulacji. Jeszcze raz dziękuję. Mirosław Kowalski Two years finished success. The 30rd of september toghether with Mikołaj Janc we fly through Baltic Sea in hot air balloon. The flight would be impossible without my Balloon Team: Mateusz Bajończak, Łukasz Kubaczyk and my firends from Sweden Henrik Holmqvist, Anders Holmgvist and Daniel Szczurowski – also ballonist and Piotr Ojrzyński – he helped me in meteorology. I thank all of You, who they kept their fingers crossed and cheered of us. I am really surprised so much warm words and congratulations from people.Mirosław Kowalski

Posted by OPONY EXPRESS on Friday, 6 October 2017

Landing rush hour at the worlds biggest hot air balloon fiesta. Albuquerque!! Per and his team have joined 600 other balloons for 10 days of New Mexican flying.

Another BIG ‘thank you so much’ to all those that came to this year’s Sky Safari and made it so very special (especially those who braved the very wet and windy weather)! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We’ve whipped up this video so we can all relive the best bits

Sky Safari 2017

Another BIG 'thank you so much' to all those that came to this year’s Sky Safari and made it so very special (especially those who braved the very wet and windy weather)! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. We’ve whipped up this video so we can all relive the best bits✨

Posted by Longleat on Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Throw back Thursday, this time last week was the Longleat SkySafari with 18 Lindstrand Technologies balloons flying, we think this is the most to get together in the UK.

Congratulations to Bill Baker who won the Sky Safari in a LTL Series 1 – 105 and to Robin Waite in his Series 2 – 80 who won the draw for the car, the Datum Pro Trophy was also won by another pilot flying a LTL Series 1 -70 Congratulations Chase Donner.

Who would have thought flying a Lindstrand envelope could be so lucky…. we suggest you all go out and buy lottery tickets!!

Thanks to Exclusive Ballooning for a fantastic weekend.

In The Sky con OutSpace!

This video was made by the Virtual Reality group OutSpace. OutSpace is a leader in 360 video content creation. Step into everywhere with OutSpace. Check out their website (Out.Space) and like them on their Facebook page (


We know everyone is wondering how many balloons flew in our biggest and best mass ascent on saturday morning… We are excited, thrilled and incredibly proud to confirm that a massive 119 balloons took to the sky.

With the most balloons in flight during a single launch – as well as the largest balloon competition ever to take place in the UK, The Exclusive Cup @Longleat is now officially the home of the UK’s largest balloon festival.
Lots of pictures and videos to follow…

Aerial View Before Takeoff!

Aerial View Before Takeoff! #OswestryBalloonFiesta Oswestry Balloon Fiesta The British Ironwork Centre

Posted by Lindstrand Technologies on Saturday, 26 August 2017

We have had a fantastic and busy time since announcing our return to the hot air ballooning world in April 2015, and we are very thankful for the support and encouragement shown by balloonists around the world.

During this time we have developed 3 distinct balloon ranges and have a whole host of new innovations in the pipeline.

We recently launched our Expedition Series and Nomad travelling basket, and in the near future we will be launching our new cloudhopper concept.

To celebrate the launch of these new lightweight balloons, we are offering a very special buy-one-get-one-free promotion beginning at Lorraine Mondial Air Ballon and running through autumn. Below are the details of this exciting offer.

For further information about the terms and conditions, please contact our friendly sales team.

Dominic on target at the British National Ballooning championships today.

Fabulous morning on the JDG target with Angela and photo finish from Dom last one through the target.

Posted by Jo Slade on Wednesday, 16 August 2017