Origin Paddleboards

We are very pleased to announce our partnership with Origin Paddleboards.  Lindstrand Technologies will become the sole manufacturer of Origin’s range of inflatable stand up paddle boards.

The project with Origin aims to have boards manufactured in the UK with as many European sourced parts as possible to reduce the carbon footprint of the product. With bags made from fabric offcuts, packaging & advice cards all made from recycled materials and the finished product sent with carbon offset shipping, every part of the process has been considered.

 “If I am honest I hadn’t heard much about stand up paddleboards until talking with the team at Origin, and now I seem to see them everywhere.  It’s been great to work on the design & development of this product range with Origin and seeing the first boards being made by our team”  – Lee Barnfield, Senior Designer

“It’s a very exciting project and a first for us producing items in high volume.  We are getting close perfecting our techniques to produce items of this volume and will soon be looking to upscale the manufacturing and increase our team” – Dave Hampson, Production Manager

The photo (below) shows some of the manufactured boards with Matt Whyton – Quality Assurance (far left), Dave Hampson – Production Manager (Middle Left), Lee Barnfield – Senior Designer (Far Right) and some of the Lindstrand Production Team.


Origin Paddleboards - Lindstrand Technologies


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