Passenger Milestone Reached by Ahmedabad HiFlyer

In January 2011, the operators of the Ahmedabad HiFlyer, Sky Wanderers were delighted to announce that they had flown a record number of passengers since opening to the public on the 8th September 2010.

The owner operators of the balloon are needless to say very proud of their achievement. In correspondence to Keith Goffin, LTL’s HiFlyer Sales and Operations Director, they stated:

“It gives us immense pleasure to share that in a span of 115 days of operations (except Mondays, including days of non-flying due to weather and 4-5 days of servicing), on the eve before our Republic Day, Ahmedabad Eye-Balloon Safari has crossed a milestone of 100 Thousand (which includes 700 free kids and 4000 odd concessional kids). Thank you all at Lindstrand Technologies for having given us a great back-up at all times.”

Since we recieved this good news in January the Ahmedabad Eye is flying over 1000 passengers a day.


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