WDA Inflatable Thought Bubbles

Welsh Development Agency (WDA) Entrepreneurship Action Plan Roadshow visited up to 50 venues in Wales

2003 IFAI Award of Excellence

WDA Thought Bubbles was a complex of inflatable buildings comprising four large, self-supporting ellipsoids to serve as a portable exhibition hall. The three main ‘bubbles’ intersected with each other through clever design and patterning, and the fourth smaller ‘bubble’ was situated as a stand-alone unit within the largest enclosure.

The entire complex was mounted on a free-standing platform, (approximately 0.5m high) and visitors were led through the complex along a pathway of floor lights.

Approximately 5.5km (3.1 miles) of fabric on 1.5m (59 inch) wide rolls was used in the construction of the structures, and there were approximately 15km (9.4miles) of seams. The fabric structures weighted over 2800kg (6160 lbs) in total.