Using a solar tower in a desert for generating electricity is not new but to date the only installations were constructed from sea tower’s.  The scientist Dr. David Rabanus who worked for the ALMA Astronomy station in the Atacama Desert in Chile was annoyed at the inefficiency of the power generation and was seeking an alternative energy source.  He found the solar tower but realised that the existing one’s couldn’t work in the Atacama Desert as the land is very earthquake prone.

He contacted Lindstrand Technologies to see if we could manufacture a fabric inflatable structure that would be earthquake proof and this is exactly what we are doing now.  This is being covered in National News and Per Lindstrand has given numerous interviews upon the development work being undertaken.



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    GEORGE KUBIK says:

    Hello. I’ve read the national geographic article. My colleagues and I are interested in building a solar tower from fabric. Have you developed the 65-foot tower? Have you developed any other towers? How can we get funding for this project, too?
    Thank you in advance!


  2. Krisna Becker
    Krisna Becker says:

    I am also very interested in the results of this project. Please update this page. Did the experiment fail, or was it dropped due to lack of funding?

  3. jan michajlik
    jan michajlik says:

    Hi, I think there is used wrong material for tower, causing cooling of the flow, than pressure. It has to be of steel plates, painted black, keeping the stream hot or heat it increasing the pressure and speed. Also the transition curve from horizontal into the vertical should follow the quantity of air, like this is probably stocking…


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