South Korea's HiFlyer Fleet Continues To Flourish

As a national treasure of traditional cultural heritage in Korea, Gyeongju is a global city of culture and history.

With the project of establishing a city of history and culture, and the promotion of three major national projects, Gyeongju is advancing to become not only a representative tourism city for history and culture but also the city of cutting edge technology.

This is where the Lindstrand HiFlyer fits in perfectly. The system was installed in early December 2010 at the Bomun ATV Experience centre, part of the Bomun Lake Resort. The resort provides accommodation, fine dining, recreation and sports facilities in the city of Gyeongju.

Visitors can now enjoy rides in the HiFlyer to view the 20km square park area. What better way to view the mass pink petals of cherry blossoms in the month of April whilst silently climbing to 120 meters in the company of giraffes.

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