Tethered Aerostat System for US Market

In April 2011, LTL delivered a tethered aerostat system to its American factory for testing and commissioning before being handed over to the client. The aerostat will be used primarily for surveillance work by the Military.

The GA-19 aerostat includes a mobile, trailer-mounted mooring system with hydraulic docking mast, and is intended to carry a payload weighing up to 110 kg to a flying altitude of 1000 metres. The aerostat has a volume of 880 cubic metres, and has been designed with the surveillance market in mind. The system was put through a testing programme by LTL here in the UK at the end of last year during the coldest December in recent years.

This product compliments other aerostats already designed, manufactured and delivered by LTL, and it is going to be a very popular choice for clients looking to elevate sensitive and expensive surveillance equipment. LTL designs and manufactures all its aerostats specifically tailored to the needs of the client/ end-user.

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