The HiFlyer

Lindstrand introduced its first HiFlyer in 1996 and has since manufactured and installed over 40 HiFlyers in 18 countries. The HiFlyer is fully certified in accordance with certification standard CS31 TGB.

The HiFlyer ride is suitable for everyone, child and adult alike – the gondola can comfortably accommodate up to 30 passengers. It allows every passenger an unhindered view and is highly accessible for a standard (lightweight) wheelchair with open weave viewing port ensuring the view is not obstructed. The normal ride is 15 minutes and the typical passenger throughput is 100 per hour. Hence, on a good day over 1,000 passengers can be flown.

The HiFlyer in Ahmedabad, India flew 100,000 passengers in 115 days since it started full operation in late September 2010. It is flying a 1,000 people every day of the week. It was awarded the Limca Book of Records certificate (Limca award) for flying 1824 passengers in one day.

The HiFlyer also provides an excellent sponsorship and corporate events opportunity. Advertising is either applied directly to the envelope by painting, self-adhesive film or digitally printed. Advertising can also be applied using banners, which can be inter-changeable and installed in one night.


Major components of the HiFlyer are the envelope, the net, the gondola and the winch.

The HiFlyer envelope has a volume of 6,200 cubic metres. The envelope is manufactured from a material which has exceptionally low helium permeation with a typical life of at least 6 years. The envelope is illuminated at night by three bulbs located inside the envelope which means that any advertising on the balloon is visible 24 hours a day.

The HiFlyer gondola is manufactured from aircraft quality stainless steel and has an indefinite life. It is shaped octagonal with a lift cable in the middle so that it remains horizontal at all times.

The HiFlyer winch weighs approximately 10 tonnes. It requires minimum maintenance and has an indefinite life.

The HiFlyer has a 200 metre long tether cable and normally flies to 120 metres which is the optimum flight height. The cable is wrapped onto a large drum, and due to its single layer design, has a very long life.

The installation of the HiFlyer requires an 10 metre diameter landing platform. There is an inner mooring circle at a diameter of 22 metres and an outer mooring circle of 50 metre diameter. The landing platform must be exclusive to the HiFlyer but the general public can access any of the area outside of the mooring platform. Installation and crew training is provided by Lindstrand personnel.

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