Balloon Pioneers

The Lindstrand name has been synonymous with ballooning since 1978, when Per Lindstrand founded his first company manufacturing hot air balloons.

Today, Lindstrand Technologies have the CAA approvals to design, manufacture and maintain hot air balloon envelopes, baskets, and burners. We can supply kit as individual parts, or as a complete aircraft.

Balloon Components

We offer six types of envelope within the Series 1, Series 2, Racer, and Series Specials.

  • Series 1: 24 gore: Up to 18,000ft3
  • Series 1: 28 gore: from 210,000ft3 – 360,000ft3
  • Series 1: 32 gore: from 400,000ft3 – 450,000ft3
  • Series 2: 16 gore: Up to 100,000ft3
  • Series Racer: 24 gore: Up to 75,000ft3
  • Series Special: Custom sizes with custom shapes

View our latest designs in the hot air balloon gallery, or see what’s available to buy right now in our For Sale section.
For further details on Lindstrand envelopes, contact our sales team.

We offer four types of hot air balloon baskets within the Open straight, Single-T, Double-T, and Nomad series.

  • Open straight: 5 options between: 1.00m x 1.20m – 1.25m x 1.60m
  • Single-T: 5 options between: 1.25m x 1.90m – 1.52m x 2.80m
  • Double-T: 5 options between: 1.52m x 2.60m – 1.52m x 4.40m
  • Nomad: 2 options between: 0.80m x 1.00m – 1.00m x 1.20m

For further details on Lindstrand baskets, contact our sales team.

We currently offer 3 sizes of hot air balloon burners.

  • Vortech Double: 4 Options: Standard, Medium, Large, or Large with Heatshield
  • Vortech Triple: 3 Options: Medium, Large, or Large with Heatshield
  • Vortech Quad: Only Option: 8 pole large frame

For further details on Lindstrand burners, contact our sales team.

Envelope Examples