These highly mobile and rapidly deployable structures can provide environment and repair shelters for aircraft such as the new NATO NH90 helicopter, as well as providing housing for support equipment and personnel that can be deployed globally.

Using expertise in aircell technology and utilising specialised fabrics, Lindstrand Technologies Ltd has produced one of the most advanced structures of its type.

Features include:

  • Structures of this size are normally heavy, limiting their mobility and make their deployment time consuming.
  • Use of lightweight, high strength fabric means the structure tips the scales at around 900 kg (1980 lbs).
  • Vectran fabric can be hot air and high frequency welded making it suitable for this application.
  • Vectran is a fibre with similar strength to Kevlar but with none of the fatigue problems associated with Kevlar.
  • Once deployed to site, just 4 people can install the structure and make it operational in as little as two hours.
  • The aircell structure is inflated with advanced inflation systems, constantly monitoring pressure and supplying air on demand.
  • Various alarm modes are included in the control system supplying information to the personnel supporting the aircraft.
  • No guy wires are required, so the hangar can be deployed on unprepared ground, even sand.

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